What is iNetwork?

We are a dedicated group of business owners and professionals who meet to share expertise, business insight, and growth opportunities, to foster personal improvement and business growth.


The Evolving Definition Of Work-Life Balance

“Work-life balance are buzz has yet to lose its buzz in the last few years. What employers need to think about when attracting a multi-generational work force who place quality of life-style” over company perks. - Posted by Scott Beardmore, President of Red Wagon Video.

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ROSCOE RIDES - Baby Boomer Ross Elias shares his balance for work and play with a passion video for the open road - Produced by Red Wagon Video - https://redwagonvideo.com


iNews - Next Meeting: Nov 1st, 2018

VENUE LOCATION - Third Space Coffee - 103 - 1708 Dickson Ave

iNetwork will be holding our next business development meeting 7:00am, Nov 1st, 2018 at 103 - 1708 Dickson Ave, Kelowna, BC V1Y 9S4.

Last Event - April 24, 2018

HOW TO BUILD A KICK-ASS BLOG FOR YOUR BUSINESS! - Link to PDF presentation and live audio from event: https://redwagonvideo.com/business-blog/


Members of iNetwork

— Career experts making a difference through leadership!

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Ashley Geiger

Branch Manager @ HSBC Canada

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Troy Taylor

Owner @ T2 Management Inc. Services - Bookkeeping Experts & Movie Production Management

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Teio Senda

Associate @ Farris Vaughan Wills & Murphy LLP

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Scott Beardmore

Owner @ Red Wagon Video - Video Marketing & Digital Media Production

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Curtis Krause

Senior Accountant, MNP LLP

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Ryan Morice

Mount Everest Summit Team, Kelowna

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Tanya Federici

District Sales Manager @ Infotel Multimedia

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Shawn Carpenter

Owner/Strategic Interventionist Coach

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History of iNetwork

Every networking group has a beginning. Learn how iNetwork today is adapting to rapid change in how we do business.