About iNetwork

Mission Statement

A business development group designed to provide professional, social and business growth to members in a fun and interactive environment.

What Makes Us Different

Unlike many referral groups in Kelowna, we believe your time is valuable and you want to share and receive valued information to help grow as career professional.   iNetwork does away with pointless formalities to create more time for open group discussion on hot topics that impact your business!  And we do this in a fun, friendly and creative environment. 


History of iNetwork

Our group was originally founded almost 20 years ago by dedicated Kelowna business men and women who guaranteed their products/services and realized the power of networking & referrals.

iNetwork Kelowna has “exclusive” membership – only one representative from each business category can be a member at the same time.


iNetwork Today

Posted Feb 4th, 2018 by Scott Beardmore, Founder of Red Wagon Video

iNetwork has traditionally been a referral and networking group built on strong leadership, respect and friendship to help support members in the growth of their business through networking and referrals. 

But times have changed, and the way successful companies build and retain meaningful business relationships as changed as well. The days of standing on a soapbox preaching service offerings is dead.

Today iNetwork is about building trust with prospects by sharing valued content and solving client pain points with thought leadership, creativity and innovation.

As members of iNetwork, we value our time. Time is a precious commodity, so we stripped away tedious BNI rituals of pointless introductions and referral processes.  We spend more time in open discussion on hot topics that impact our business from a marketing, legal and financial perspective.



We mentor personal growth to help members refine and deliver clear and concise messages. With a focus on sharing, you earn trust with new prospects to do business with you.

iNetwork members gain valuable insight to overcome roadblocks of doing business and keep pace with a rapidly changing world.

We still foster business growth but we do it the right way.

We spend our membership fees to promote quality content to benefit the greater business community and expose the unique services we offer to the greater Okanagan.

Welcome to the new iNetwork!