Does advertising work?

Does advertising work?

Creative vs. Directive Advertising


Picture this: your basement is flooding; you know that you need to find a plumber.

Do you:

Look in the blue recycling bin that you have dumped all your newspapers from the front porch into looking for the phone number on a coupon that had seen?

Hop in your car and go looking for the city bus that you had seen to get the number off the side?

Better yet, drive down the highway that you take to get to work to take a look at the billboards for a name and number you had seen there, that you had not written down as you were driving because you have to keep eyes on the road at all times? (never mind the huge fine you would get from the cops!)

Wander over to your neighbor’s house to ask them who they used the last time they had an emergency flood? Maybe they have a magnet on the side of their fridge.

Is this sounding sillier as the list grows?

You will probably grab your phone and search for a local plumber on Google.

The entire first list is creative advertising, brand awareness, to increase the name of a business in a local area.

What you will find on Google will include directive advertising, a list of services for your city or town, or if the business is really lucky, the website for the company that you have used before appears and you will use them again as a repeat client.

So what is the first level of advertising to get you your business? The foundation of it all is Directive Advertising. You need to be where people are searching. Of course you need to have a kick - ass website, and show up on Google.

For more information contact Tanya Federici,

District Sales Manager, Infotel Multimedia in the Okanagan Valley


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